Bucking Luna Can

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As we enter the world of canned wines, we want to be selective, but also excited.  There are a lot of good ones, and they are versatile.  You don't always have time for a whole bottle, or can fit into into your gear for the day.  Nobody wants a wine bottle at a tailgate or game party!  So lets take some of these cans, throw them in the cooler and make the best of your day. 

Sparkling Red in a can?  Why not, we are here for it.  Light bodied and ready to be chilled, this sparkling red has Lambrusco vibes, but from California.  This is great at a patio or a theatre or show in the park as the evening sets in.  Enjoy it! We do. 

60% Cinsault/40% Carbonic Carignan

Dry, Fruit, Zesty, Cherry