Turasan Okuzgozu 2019 (Drinks like a California Pinot Noir!)

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Drinks like a California Pinot Noir! 

One of Turkey’s most revered red varietals, Öküzgözü gets its name from its large berries – in Turkish Öküzgözü means “eye of the bull”. It produces medium-bodied wines, loaded with ripe fruit and spicy flavors with plenty of acidity. Think of an earthy Gamay and you have something close to the flavor of Öküzgözü. A minty edge is sometimes highlighted in the aromatics, along with dark cherry and summer strawberries. Capable of aging for 2-3 years, Öküzgözü is often blended with Bogazkere, and takes well to oak aging. Generally as a stand-alone varietal, Öküzgözü makes a soft wine, easy to drink, with low to moderate tannin levels.